Monday, September 27, 2010


Attention Students!! Ms. Jones and I have purchased 2 brand new goldfish for our freshwater aquarium. As of now, our fish are nameless and we need your help to come up with some awesome names for these fish! We are asking that each of you come up with 3 names for each fish-- that is a total of 6 names! For each name, you need to write 2-3 complete sentences as to why you think this name would be a good fit for the fish! And, YES, these names must be school appropriate!! Mr. Wiseman's fish is the black one with big eyes and mine is the multi-colored calico. Please be creative when coming up with your fish names!! Your assignment is to post your fish names and reasons for picking these names in your blog by the end of the day THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30th!! On Friday, October 1st, we will be voting to pick the final names for our new classroom pets. 

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