Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall TV Schedule

I know you are all interested in what Mr. Wiseman does with his evenings.  The answer to your question is a whole lot of nothing.  A few nights of week I have class, on Wednesday I play volleyball, I also hangout with my lady and my 2 dogs Rudy and Jake.  Other than that my time is spent watching TV, and lots of it.  In my opinion DVR is the second greatest invention ever (air conditioning being the first, MY ROOM IS 89 DEGREES RIGHT NOW).  The following is a list of shows I try to watch each week with a brief description of the show.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is straight up funny, watching Doogie Howser aka Barney is enough to make my Monday night complete.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is AWESOME, its the story of a biker gang in California and their exploits.  If you have not seen it, WATCH IT and you will be amazed.


I have been watching Survivor since season 1, and I cannot get enough.  Put 20 strangers on an island and craziness will follow.

* Thursday is a big night of TV watching, DVR is a must

The Office

I love The Office, Steve Carell you will be missed after this season.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a show I almost gave up on, the first season was awful.  Reluctantly I tuned into season 2 and was pleasantly surprised at how much the show had improved.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory used to be on Monday nights which was perfect, but CBS has moved it to Thursday, pushing my DVR to its limits.

Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Always Sunny is an unappreciated show, it consistently makes me laugh more than anything else on TV.

Grey's Anatomy

PSYCH, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy


It's a movie night, everyone knows there is nothing on TV Friday nights.  Long gone are the days of TGIF on ABC.

College Football


Boardwalk Empire

Brand new show on HBO about Prohibition in Atlantic City.  First episode was last week and it was great.
BONUS- Be the first to comment on this page and define Prohibition you will receive a CANDY BAR.

Eastbound and Down



  1. it is the 18 th admentment to stop the sell of alcohol and the transportion of it to this is in the us constution

  2. prohibition was the banning of the selling of acohal in 1920 to 1933