Friday, October 1, 2010


I currently have two dogs, whose names will not be mentioned until next week, when the poll question has closed.

This is Dog number 1, he is probably around 6 right now, but I am not sure.  I got him from a shelter when he was around 1 or 2.  He is about 60 lbs and a rottweiler mix.  Dog #1 would go for walks every minute of his life if you allowed him to, but most of his time is spent laying on the bed in the guest bedroom and sleeping or looking out the window.  Beware if you are a UPS man, as soon as Dog #1 sees the brown truck he goes CRAZY.

This is Dog #2, Dog #2 is a fairly new addition, he joined the family in April.  Dog #2 is a Beabull, which is an English bulldog and beagle mix.  He is only 9 months old so he is still in the puppy stage, which means he likes to chew on whatever he can, including molding, comforters, Dog #1's bed, and the couch.  Overall he is well behaved and actually listens better then Dog #1.  

Do any of you have pets?  If so what kind, and what are their names?  What kind of pet would you most like to have and why?  Respond to these questions by commenting, or creating your own blog.

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